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Future-Proof Your Food and Beverage Production with Scalable Digitization

The food and beverage industry is undergoing rapid disruption: first with changing consumer behavior that was accelerated by COVID-19, then workforce turnover, the great resignation, and now with rising food costs even as demand increases.

Whether you are an established player who is trying to cut costs and scale up rapidly to meet demand OR a start-up that is disrupting an entire category, you have to get to market faster and more efficiently to stay competitive.

Maintaining the status quo in your operations is no longer the right recipe - digitization is a must for both established and new brands. The good news is that you don’t need a complete system change for it to happen. Despite the pause on large automation investments, you can still leverage your existing investments to preserve your margins.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The need to shift your mindset from traditional MES/IoT to lean, agile digitization

  • How and where to start your digitization journey with immediate payback and offset your rising costs

  • How to leverage your existing investments and future-proof digitization with your people at the center of your continuous improvement



    Dave Patrickus

    Customer Success Manager, Tulip


    Kailey Crothers

    Solutions Engineer, Tulip