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From Paper on Glass to Digital Guidance SaaS

Wednesday, December 14th | 11:00 AM ET; 10:00 AM CT; 5:00PM CET

Frontline workers crave streamlined, human-centric solutions to eliminate manual errors and enhance productivity. The truth is — paper on glass just isn’t cutting it. Join our webinar to discover the transformative power of a unified, intuitive platform. Experience improved operator efficiency, increased production capacity, and reduced errors in real-time.

This event will stream on Linkedin. Visit the event page here to join!

Frontline workers are desperate for human-centric solutions that streamline workflows and remove manual, error-prone data entry. The truth is — paper on glass just isn’t cutting it.

In this live event, learn how creating a single, intuitive interface that goes beyond static instructions improves the operator experience, boosts production capacity, and minimizes errors.

Hear from Tulip leaders as they cover:

  • 3 ways to reduce the mental burden for operators: data pulled from other systems, automated data capture, and real-time spatial feedback and guide

  • Uncovering insights faster: collect data to gain real-time visibility of production, identify issues, and mitigate bottlenecks

  • Demo: Error-proofing a discrete assembly with connected Digital Guidance

  • Digital Guidance in action with Mack Molding and Laerdal

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your frontline operations. Register now for an event that promises to reshape the way you approach workflows in the digital age.