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From Average to Exceptional: How Manufacturers can Achieve Operational Excellence and Agility in Weeks, not Months

Gone are the days when Manufacturers needed to rely on traditional, expensive, and service-heavy monolithic systems — only to see the value from them in a year. In order to remain resilient during a time in which we’re seeing budget cuts, a plethora of labor challenges, inflation, and an unpredictable supply chain, enterprises must change the way they assess, implement, and adopt software.

Manufacturers across different sectors are making the shift from a monolithic approach customized by vendors to a human-centric tech stack, allowing them to establish an infrastructure that can more easily adapt to change. By leveraging composable apps and an open ecosystem approach, these organizations can streamline processes, increase production visibility, achieve the optimal merging of IT and OT, drive continuous improvement, and augment their workforce — faster and easier than ever before.

Join Doug McKnight, EMEAI Digital Manufacturing Implementation Director at Dow and Erik Mirandette, Head of Product & Ecosystem at Tulip, for a deep-dive discussion on transforming your manufacturing operations with digital tools in weeks, not months or years. You’ll take away:

  • Insights on how to overcome common digital transformation challenges
  • An example playbook and timeline for digitizing your shop floor — starting with a low-risk pilot
  • Success stories of how different Tulip customers have built technical infrastructures that meet their organization’s unique needs

Featuring Industry Experts

  • Headshot - Erik Mirandette

    Erik Mirandette

    Head of Product & Ecosystem, Tulip

  • Headshot - Doug Mcknight

    Doug McKnight

    EMEAI Digital Manufacturing Implementation Director, Dow