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Forrester Study Finds 448% ROI for Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform

The 448% ROI of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform: Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

With today’s ongoing market and labor challenges, hitting productivity and quality goals is becoming increasingly difficult. “Industry 4.0” efforts have been largely ineffective because manufacturers' greatest asset, humans, have not yet been fully considered.

”For manufacturers to attract and retain the talent they’ll need in order to grow, they must champion a future in which technologies augment and empower their human workforce,” according to “Smart Manufacturing: Don’t Forget about the People” authored by Forrester Principal Analyst, Paul Miller.

With that in mind, Tulip commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an analysis and study on the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform. By interviewing Tulip customers of various sizes, Forrester has illustrated the potential cost savings and positive ROI that came with Tulip’s platform-based approach to manufacturing execution.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Jason Dietrich, Head of Commercial Operations at Tulip, and guest speaker Nikoletta Stergiou, TEI Consultant from Forrester, as they present the findings from this recent TEI study, and then further explain how manufacturing companies implemented this platform in as little as a few weeks (not years)!

Webinar Takeaways Include:

  • Why focusing on augmenting operations is critical for manufacturers to manage unpredictable conditions and complex technology
  • How Tulip’s platform has helped companies increase efficiencies by 15-50% and decrease defects by 70% with supporting customer case studies
  • How customers implemented Tulip’s platform, with a 448% ROI over three years for a composite organization representation of interviewed customers.

Take the first step towards becoming resilient in the face of economic challenges ahead.

*This webinar will discuss a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact(TM) study commissioned by Tulip

Citation: "Smart Manufacturing: Don’t Forget The People"


  • Jason Dietrich, Head of Commerical Operations

    Jason Dietrich

    Head of Commercial Operations, Tulip

  • Nikoletta Stergiou, TEI Consultant, Forrester

    Nikoletta Stergiou

    TEI Consultant, Forrester