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Digital Augmentation: The Missing Element in Your Operations

“Digital transformation” was among the hottest trends of 2021, yet it has fallen flat for many manufacturers.

Some organizations tried to replicate digital use cases from other industries; others got stuck deciding whether they were ready for digital transformation at all.

In both cases, manufacturers failed to drive sustainable change for the same reason: companies were chasing buzzwords without understanding the true foundation of their business–frontline workers.

Frontline workers are irreplaceable in manufacturing. Instead of bringing in the latest technology and hoping for improvements, organizations should think of how such technology can augment their human resources and empower them to solve daily challenges.

With a human-centric approach, every manufacturer can transform its operations and drive continuous and sustainable improvements.

In this webinar, we'll review:

  • Why digital transformation initiatives fail for many manufacturers

  • What a human-centric approach to digital transformation looks like and why should you adopt it

  • How you can leverage digital solutions to augment your frontline workers and drive truly sustainable transformation

By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a clear blueprint for achieving digital augmentation and continuous improvement across your operations.



    Sanjay Rajan

    Industry Solutions Lead, Tulip
    20+ years experience of B2B Business Development, Domain expertise in MES, PLM, and ML


    Patrick Harrigan

    Strategic Alliances Leader, Tulip
    10+ years experience delivering digital solutions for Fortune 500 manufacturing companies