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Deploying FDA-Ready Electronic Records Technology Leveraging the Cloud in Weeks - Not Years!

Using real-world case studies, this webinar will debunk the myth that new technologies, including no-code platforms, take years and extreme effort to implement.

In fact, this webinar will show you how to transition to digital & cloud-based systems, jumping your business processes to “cloud speed” – resulting in effective new methods for ensuring quality and regulatory compliance, while improving patient outcomes.

You can achieve this by implementing FDA-ready electronic records technology!

Daniel R. Matlis, president and founder of Axendia, and Tulip’s Head of Customer Services and Life Sciences Practice Lead Gilad Langer, Ph.D. will share how you can transform your systems with digital & cloud-based tools that are intuitive, effective, and human-centric, sharing:

  • What are FDA’s expectations for companies to validate modern systems
  • How Computer System Assurance (CSA) is a reality and already available in the cloud
  • How there is much more value in a digital system than simply digitizing records
  • How moving from documents to digital evidence is a paradigm shift requiring a culture change
  • How to achieve Pharma 4.0 with next-generation cloud solutions!

Regulators are endorsing the benefits of digital transformation and encouraging Life Science companies to leverage the cloud for quality and compliance. These experts will persuade you to think differently about digital transformation, and FDA-ready electronic records technology, and get you moving forward in months, not years!


  • Headshot of Gilad Langer

    Gilad Langer

    Head of Customer Services & Life Sciences Practice Lead, Tulip

  • Headshot of Daniel Matlis

    Daniel R. Matlis

    President & Founder, Axendia, Inc.