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The Connected Factory: How to Survive and Scale in the Age of Disruption

The manufacturing industry is undergoing rapid disruption, from material shortages and supply chain delays to changing consumer behavior and the great resignation. These events are exceptionally difficult to overcome in an industry that’s slow to innovate.

Manufacturers that thrive rather than merely survive have found clever ways to connect their entire operation including machines, processes, software, and most importantly people. Achieving this end state requires specific efforts to prioritize interoperability and composability for system and process integration.

Join industry veteran, Russell Waddell, and Continuous Improvement Engineer at Stanley Black & Decker, Sofiya Baran, as they make the case for connected, augmented operations – and how to get there with the right approach and technology.

During this webinar, you’ll take away:

  • Why the manufacturing industry is finally shifting to a composable approach with interoperability and integration
  • Benchmarks for a fully connected factory and which technologies are real and usable today
  • Case studies and examples



    Russ Waddell

    Community Lead, Tulip


    Sofiya Baran

    Continuous Improvement Engineer, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc