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The Blueprint for Smart Manufacturing: Balancing Citizen Development and Governance

The future of smart manufacturing requires a human-centric approach. Empowering your frontline workers and creating a culture of citizen development is necessary to stay competitive and move at the speed required to meet demand in the world of modern manufacturing. But doing this successfully can be easier said than done.

In order for this approach to work, there must be an equilibrium between citizen development and governance. Ensuring there are measures in place to account for quality and compliance without sacrificing innovation is a difficult balance, but Tulip has the roadmap for how to do this while staying within the boundaries of the required specifications.

Tulip CEO Natan Linder and Head of Product & Ecosystem, Erik Mirandette, discuss the emergence of citizen development in manufacturing and how to ensure governance through guardrails and a center of excellence.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why citizen development is one of the biggest emerging trends in modern manufacturing
  • A blueprint for how to balance citizen development and governance without sacrificing innovation
  • Common pitfalls when implementing your own culture of citizen development and how to avoid them



    Natan Linder

    CEO, Tulip


    Erik Mirandette

    Head of Product & Ecosystem, Tulip