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A Digital Transformation Series: The Do’s & Don'ts of Electronic Logbooks

3 incredible sessions with leading industry experts!

Manufacturers in the life sciences industry are already exploring ways to integrate electronic tools into their workflows — and you don’t want to be caught still using paper in 2024. Attend our three-part webinar series to hear from industry leaders on practical applications of innovative technologies. You’ll leave with expert insights on how to help your organization achieve its digital transformation goals.

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Session 1: Error-Free GxP: Demystifying Electronic Logbooks for Enhanced Productivity

Discover firsthand the tangible benefits of adopting electronic logbooks as we walk you through a comprehensive demonstration. We will showcase how an intuitive interface can enhance operational efficiency and share how leading manufacturers are reaping the benefits of digital transformation using our logbook solution to automate data collection, reduce errors, and ensure compliance.

Session 2: From Paper to Pixels: Best Practices on Implementing Electronic Logbooks

Paper-on-glass solutions fail to deliver the efficiency gains that many manufacturers hope for in a digital transformation project. Join Tulip and Microsoft for a demo on how to standardize and amplify efficiency by seamlessly integrating electronic logbooks into your workflows.

Session 3: Innovation Spotlight: A Digital Transformation Case Study With Teledoc Health

Teladoc Health, a manufacturer of telemedicine robots, joins Tulip and Microsoft to discuss how they leveraged a cloud-based platform to elevate their frontline operations. Learn how they established trust with their customers by implementing traceable digital records — and how they increased production capacity by error-proofing operations by introducing digital work instructions.

In this three-part webinar series, you’ll gain insights on the latest trends, innovative technologies, and case studies highlighting how electronic logbooks and cloud-based technologies are converging to redefine the life sciences manufacturing industry. You’ll leave with best practices on how to accelerate your time to market, improve product quality, and reduce the burden of compliance across your organization.