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Digital Production Tracking

How Connected Platforms with No-Code Deliver Value

When data is tracked on a whiteboard, Excel, or through disconnected systems like ERPs, manufacturers struggle not only to report on day-to-day productivity but also to identify root causes for defects or bottlenecks. They get stuck reviewing last week's data to make proactive decisions.

Digitizing and connecting production tracking data is crucial for your operations to be resilient during these times of uncertainty. We have an ebook that can help you get there.

Data and Analytics dashboard

Build a sustainable and proactive operation.

With digital production tracking, you can:

Production Dashboard - Hour-by-Hour
  • Access Real-Time Data and Stay Competitive

    Have immediate access to machines, people, and process data to better understand your operation, and identify the opportunities to optimize your manufacturing practices to stay ahead of your competitors

  • Conduct Efficient Root Cause Analyses

    With defect tracking and visibility into bottlenecks, manufacturers can effectively nip unproductive practices in the bud.

  • Leverage Connected Apps

    Compiling metrics within or across multiple sites can be time-expensive. Save those minutes by using a connected platform that can give you data instantaneously.

Download the Digital Production Tracking eBook

Manufacturers require production data to make impactful decisions. If this information is in disparate or manual systems, valuable time can be lost in the consolidation process.

It's time to ensure you have efficient production tracking using connected, app-based platforms.

Download your copy of the ebook and you'll take away:

  • Why digital production tracking is essential in today's manufacturing operations
  • The competitive advantages of connected app platforms over traditional systems
  • examples of production tracking apps you can implement on your plant floor to see machine, worker, and process performance