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Adopting an Open Ecosystem: The Way Forward for Frontline Operations

Gone are the days of monoliths and their proprietary, exclusive walled gardens. There’s a new tech stack for frontline operations — and at its core is a connected ecosystem that incorporates both new and legacy players.

By adopting an open ecosystem approach, organizations at every stage of the digital transformation spectrum can integrate their new and legacy solutions quickly and easily — ultimately empowering them to alleviate or eliminate unnecessarily manual processes, and make more informed decisions with real-time data and extended production visibility.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why manufacturers across different sectors are making the shift from a monolithic approach to a human-centric tech stack

  • What a frontline operations ecosystem looks like — and what types of contributors can make up this infrastructure

  • How adopting an open ecosystem approach empowers manufacturers to drive collaboration and knowledge sharing across the industry, streamline digital transformation and integration processes, and capitalize on agility during industry shifts

  • How organizations of different sizes (with different types of technical infrastructures) are already building and implementing the solution ecosystems that fit their unique needs

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