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Why Upskilling and Digital Augmentation is the Key to Winning the War for Talent

The war for talent is still prevalent in manufacturing and has become a global challenge in recent years. A competitive labor market, coupled with a wave of generational turnover is increasing pressure on manufacturers to retain workers more effectively.

To be able to do that, manufacturers need to understand what workers are looking for and how to build a system that can service them. With a new generation of workforce, comes new operational expectations, including fast and efficient digital tools that help to augment your workforce.

In this virtual business case brought to you by Industry IoT, in partnership with Danfoss and Global Technology Leader Tulip, industry experts will discuss:

  • The current state of the global workforce in manufacturing and the enduring challenges
  • How manufacturers can use upskilling and digital augmentation to address these challenges and even create a competitive advantage
  • Case studies of how current companies are doing this successfully
  • Steps you can start taking immediately to augment your workforce

If worker acquisition and retention are among your top concerns in 2023, don’t miss out on this session.


  • Eddy Atkins, Tulip

    Edward Atkins

    Marketplace Lead, Tulip

  • Havard, COO of Danfoss

    Havard Jorgensen

    COO/VP Supply Chain, Danfoss RAC Division