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Contextualizing Data in Manufacturing: A Roadmap to Success

In today's age of disruption and uncertainty, manufacturers must stay agile, proactive, and well-informed. And the best way to keep a finger on the pulse of their operations is through collecting and analyzing data.

Manufacturers collect data from everywhere, but in 2024 — data is worthless without context.

Hear from Tulip's Head of Customer Services, Gilad Langer, and Global Customer Account Manager, Brian McGarvey as they dive into the importance of contextual data in manufacturing. They'll uncover:

  • The critical shift from digitization to the Industry 4.0 mindset with data contextualization

  • How to contextualize data at the source

  • Pitfalls to avoid becoming data-rich, but information-poor

  • Value with data contextualization at the source — real examples from manufacturers

By the end of this webinar, you’ll see how you can leverage real-time data from multiple sources to gain insights into your operations – enabling a culture of agility and continuous improvement.


  • Headshot of Gilad Langer

    Gilad Langer

    Industry Practice Lead, Tulip


    Brian McGarvey

    Strategic Account Manager, Tulip