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Streamline Compliance: Quick Steps to FDA-Ready Electronic Records

Let’s debunk the myth that implementing new digital technologies takes years. What if it were possible to accomplish compliant (“audit ready”) electronic records in weeks, and not years? Even more, it didn’t require a rip and replace of your systems to start seeing value.

Augmenting your current tech stack with digital technologies, such as no-code apps, can expedite your journey toward improving patient outcomes while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Join us for a great discussion where our speakers from Axendia, Inc and Tulip Interfaces will share how you can transform your systems with digital & cloud-based tools that are intuitive, effective, and human-centric. You’ll learn the following:

  • What are FDA’s expectations for companies to validate modern systems

  • How cloud-based solutions/systems validated using the Computer System Assurance (CSA) guidance is a reality today

  • Starting with digitizing records, how to scale a system of apps based on your specific and changing business needs

  • How rethinking documents to digital evidence provides seamless compliance and enables a culture of continuous improvement

These experts will inspire you to think differently about digital transformation, and FDA compliance with electronic records technology. Come away with insights on how to achieve Pharma 4.0 with next-generation cloud solutions!


  • Head of Customer Services and Life Sciences Practice Lead, Tulip

    Gilad Langer, Ph.D.

    Head of Customer Services and Life Sciences Practice Lead, Tulip

  • President and Founder, Axendia Inc

    Daniel R. Matlis

    President and Founder, Axendia Inc