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Quality, Compliance, and Validation in the Digital Transformation Era

Digital transformation in Life-Sciences is no longer a nice-to-have, or a hashed buzzword. It’s a must-have.

With the productivity gains you will make — coupled with the digital acceleration brought about by COVID-19 — changing course is a business imperative.

But care must be taken. You cannot successfully implement modern technology based on regulatory guidance and practices that are over 20 years old. Specifically, do you know how to balance the flexibility of modern no-code platforms with the inflexibility of outdated validation procedures?

Don’t get left behind by the digital transformation. This webinar has the answers. It will take the dread out of your transformation and empower you to modernize your systems and culture with new approaches to quality, compliance, and validation.

With the regulators undergoing their own digital transformations — and incentivizing life science companies to do the same — it’s time to move forward.

Daniel R. Matlis, president and founder of Axendia; Tulip’s head of customer services and life sciences practice lead Gilad Langer, Ph.D.; and Tulip’s head of quality, Michelle Vuolo, will share how life sciences companies can make much-needed digital transformations more manageable and less intimidating, explaining:

  • The value and benefits of shifting into the new digital paradigm and most importantly away from the “document mindset”

  • The difference between digital platforms and traditional electronic or paper-on-glass (POG) systems

  • How to make validation and compliance seamless with digital platforms (focusing on what is important)

  • How to make the Pharma 4.0 operational model a reality in your business (transformations go beyond the digital tools!)



    Michelle Vuolo

    Head of Quality, Tulip


    Gilad Langer

    Head of Customer Services & Life Sciences Practice Lead, Tulip


    Daniel R. Matlis

    President & Founder, Axendia, Inc.

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