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Beyond Paperless: Improve Operations and Efficiency with Digital Logbooks

In this webinar, we'll explore the pitfalls of settling for a paper-on-glass solution when you can digitally transform with digital logbooks that standardize operations, increase operational efficiency, and ensure compliance at scale.

By eliminating manual processes that persist in paper-on-glass solutions, we unlock a wide range of benefits, including improved data accuracy, enhanced accessibility, and improved analytics and reporting. Tune in to see how leading life sciences companies integrate digital logbooks in their workflows in a matter of weeks to help increase agility and enable continuous improvement.

Join Tulip and Microsoft to learn how to:

  • Eliminate operator errors: Guide an operator through a cleaning procedure with digital workflows
  • Shorten review times: Use review-by-exception to accelerate review and help increase productivity
  • Visualize production: Leverage real-time data to extract operational insights and drive continuous improvement
  • Integrate your digital logbook to your existing tech stack and how Tulip’s open platform lets you expand by adding any other system in the future

Featuring Industry Experts

  • Headshot of Michelle Vuolo

    Michelle Vuolo

    Head of Quality, Tulip

  • Yury Gomez

    WW Chief Commercial Officer, Process Industries, Microsoft

  • Headshot of Tulip employee - Ninad Deo

    Ninad Deo

    Pre-Sales Engineer, Tulip