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Digital solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers

Tulip helps industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers digitize processes and automate data collection from the people, machines, and systems used across their operations.

With Tulip, you can:

✔️ Track work orders as they move through the shop floor and gain real-time visibility of production

✔️ Reduce the risk of quality issues and order mixups with error-proofed, digital work instructions and ERP integrations

✔️ Monitor tools and machines to ensure calibration and maintenance needs are met and workers have the equipment they need, when they need it

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Companies that use Tulip

Tulip is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes to revolutionize their frontline operations.

Understand the current status of all work orders, materials, and equipment

Drive impactful decisions with real-time operations data. See the status of your work orders, materials, and equipment in one place, and track KPIs while collecting feedback from operators.

Stanley Black & Decker operator using Tulip

Improve utilization and react quickly to solve issues in real-time

Enable operators to flag bottlenecks and send alerts to the right individuals. Calculate cycle time and first-pass yield data for a complete picture of your operation’s productivity. Increase throughput by properly balancing work across stations.

Supervisors tracking production on a tablet
  • Elevate productivity

    Uncover opportunities to improve your operations with data

  • Follow your production line

    Traceability enables accountability and engagement

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Resolve issues and be proactive based on data, not guesswork

Voice of the Augmented Worker SBD Case Study
Mark Maybury SBD Headshot

For the first time, our frontline workers, empowered by our frontline engineers, have the tools they need to impact their own productivity.

Mark Maybury CTO, Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

Future-proof your operations with Tulip

Join the 10,000+ frontline workers using Tulip to streamline operator workflows, automate data collection, and gain real-time insights across their operations.

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