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Bringing generative AI to your frontline operations

Tulip’s Frontline Copilot™️ gives your workforce a collection of powerful generative AI features that help them do their jobs better, smarter, and faster.

With Frontline Copilot™️, you can:

✔️ Take no-code to the next level and easily build the digital tools your team needs with AI-powered app development.

✔️ Turn production data into valuable insights by generating charts, graphs, and analytics using simple prompts.

✔️ Interact with internal documents and SOPs and enable operators to ask questions and receive answers with a simple chatbot interface.

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Companies that use Tulip

Tulip is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes to revolutionize their frontline operations.

Building a digital work instructions app in Tulip's app editor

Empower your team to build the tools they need

From AI-assisted creation of assets and code completion, to automated testing and machine type generation, Tulip empowers manufacturing engineers to build and customize the tools they need, setting a new standard in low-code, high-impact solutions.

Real-time production data displayed on a tablet

AI-driven data analysis for agile manufacturing insights

Dive deeper into your production data with transformative AI tools to swiftly query databases, identify trends, and draw meaningful insights. With intuitive Prompt-to-Query and Prompt-to-Visualization tools, our platform brings powerful data analytics to your fingertips, integrating seamlessly with your workflows to accelerate and enhance decision-making.

TEC Quality Inspection Anomaly Detection

A true copilot for frontline workers

From real-time SOP lookups, sentiment analysis, voice interaction, to intuitive data classification, our platform equips operators with a multilingual internal knowledge base and dynamic assistance, transforming how they interact with apps, report defects, and navigate information — all in a single, natural sentence.

An Overview of Tulip's OpenAI Integration

Tulip's Open AI Banner
Headshot of Eddy Atkins

With Tulip's OpenAI integration, operators and production managers are able to classify events and pull insights from production data quickly and easily.

Edward Atkins Strategic Alliances Lead, Tulip

Future-proof your operations with Tulip

Join the 10,000+ frontline workers using Tulip to streamline operator workflows, automate data collection, and gain real-time insights across their operations.

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