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How One Water Treatment Product Manufacturer Drives Quick Productivity Wins with Customized Tulip Apps

When an industrial manufacturer needed to analyze the performance of its workers and machines, they had to pull data from disparate sources, wasting valuable time and resources.

Four weeks after implementing Tulip's connected apps, they saved $35,000 in labor costs: all they needed was real-time visibility into their day-to-day productivity. Download the case study to see how this manufacturer digitized and connected plant operations to make real-time data-driven decisions.

  • From Siloed Systems and Paper to Connected Apps

    This manufacturer was navigating through multiple systems, making it difficult to track data. With connected apps, they decreased the time spent compiling data to effectively zero. All of their data was in one platform, shared across connected applications.

  • Real Time Visibility Enabled Quick Decision-Making

    By leveraging a consolidated dashboard, they moved on from their disparate systems into a platform that easily displayed day-to-day performance metrics, which in turn enabled engineers and leaders to take immediate action to remedy bottlenecks or defects.

  • Experienced Money and Time Savings After Implementing Digital Processes

    From reducing the time needed to compile data, to the labor cost savings after having real-time productivity data, this manufacturer saw a return on their investment into a digital production tracking platform

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