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Weigh and Dispense Solutions

Dispense with precision and accuracy every time.

Expedite batch releases by digitizing your weigh and dispense operations. Leverage powerful apps to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance at every step of the workflow.

Illustration of pharmaceutical manufacturing
Workers processing a pharmaceutical batch

Error-proof and streamline documentation with digital work instructions.

Successfully complete SOPs by guiding operators with apps showing checklists, photos, and videos. Connect to scales, sensors, and barcode scanners to collect data efficiently and accurately.

Ensure compliance and embed quality into every step.

Reduce rework and quality review by getting the job right the first time. Tulip provides several ways to build guardrails in your operations:

A person walking through a pharma manufacturing environment using a tablet to review data.
  • Immediate feedback

    Guide operators through corrective actions to ensure consistency and quality.

  • Review by exception

    Define your acceptance criteria and escalate exceptions for further review.

  • Electronic signatures

    Stay accountable with regulatory-compliant electronic signatures at any step.

Connected scale

Track all your activities in an integrated eBR solution.

Store your production data in an eBR as your operators progress through their workflows. Flag exceptions and send notifications to ensure each issue is reviewed and addressed promptly for faster batch releases.

Digitize your weigh and dispense operations for maximum efficiency.

Release batches faster by streamlining data capture and embedding quality in to your operations.

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