Shop Floor IoT

Gain visibility of your shop floor through plug and play IoT sensors, machines, and tools.

Tulip Shop Floor IoTTulip Shop Floor IoT

Discover the Benefits of Shop Floor IoT

Tulip’s I/O Gateway makes it incredibly easy to connect all your devices and machines so that you can incorporate them as inputs and outputs on your Manufacturing Apps
Plug and Play IoT

Easily connect all your devices to Tulip.

Collect Data

Turn your workflows into data collecting activities.

Engage Operators

Provide feedback in real-time through connected tools.

Tulip I/O Gateway

Easily connect sensors and smart devices and incorporate as inputs and outputs of your Apps.

Industrial-strength IoT gateway.

Enables applications where real-time inputs, outputs, analog measurements, and USB-compatible instrumentation are required.

Simply connect existing buttons or sensors and configure the I/O Gateway via the web with Tulip.

Tulip I/O Gateway

Collect data from scales, calipers, thermometers, pressure, current, and many more sensors.


Guide operators to the right part or tool through pick-to-lights.

Torque Controller

Guarantee every screw is placed right with torque controllers that connect with your Manufacturing Apps.


Enable hands-free operation of your Apps through break beams, foot pedals, proximity sensors, RFID, and buttons.


Capture images and videos to capture defects, enforce SOPs, auditing and enabling machine vision.


Serialize components with barcode scanners and RFID readers.

Machine Monitoring

Gain visibility of all your machines, value streams, and production facilities.

Understand downtime causes and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Monitor machines on the shop-floor and receive real-time alerts.

Collect critical data from your legacy machines.

CNC Machines

Connect your CNC machines to monitor performance and downtime.


Connect your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with Tulip.


Tulip can connect with OPC/UA, MTConnect, FANUC Focas, and hundreds more.

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