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Gain control of quality escapes and quality costs

Error-proof inspection steps, track defects and rework, and ensure only high-quality materials and parts move downstream.

DMG Mori spindle assembly line
  • Reduce ambiguity and mental burden for operators

    Prioritize prevention over mitigation. Help operators get it right the first time with clear, intuitive work instructions and interactive checks for setup, assembly, maintenance, and inspection.

  • Find and document potential issues

    Catch issues sooner. Leverage cameras and computer vision to detect anomalies and double-check work with visual inspection. Connect to sensors, scales, and more to document conditions, tests, and other attributes.

  • Capture data for alerts — and streamline root cause analysis

    Collect the information you need to act decisively. Analyze process data — and identify variations that may indicate quality issues. Document every step of production seamlessly to find the root cause of issues quickly and effectively.

Gain control of your operations with connected quality apps

  • Mockup of Rotor Assembly Defect Tracking Application

    Non-Conformance Tracking

    Reduce quality costs by incorporating inspection steps in line and adding defect reporting and alerts as a seamless part of operator workflows.

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  • Mockup of Visual Quality Inspection Application

    Visual Quality Inspection

    Shorten the ramp-up time for new operators and upskill time for experienced operators with detailed guidance. Capture the knowledge of your go-to operator mentors.

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  • Mockup of Digital Work Instructions Application

    Root Cause Analysis Software

    Quickly identify underlying quality issues and find the source with traceability. Measure the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies using real-time production data.

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Integrated quality control

  • Start with your most pressing challenges

    See value fast with a platform-based approach. Implement defect tracking and anomaly detection first, then add more functionality over time.

  • Real-time performance data

    Gain insights from pareto charts, rework time, defect reporting, and more to establish benchmarks on which to improve.

  • Rapid edit functionality and deployment cycles

    Empower engineers and supervisors on the frontline to build and edit apps. Use testing and approval workflows for fast and safe publishing.

  • Automatic data capture

    Reduce the mental burden for operators and ensure data integrity by collecting data directly from machines and sensors.

  • Camera-based assistance

    Automate inspection steps with AI-powered tools. Enrich picking and tracking procedures with camera-based assistance.

  • AI-powered analyses — democratized

    Gain insights from your production data using pre-packaged AI/ML analytics. Forecast and set up alerts when key metrics are out of spec.

How companies use Tulip

  • SE-0023-Laerdal-1

    Laerdal Error-Proofs Medical Kit Assembly With Vision Verifications

    Learn how Laerdal used computer vision to get to zero defects in thousands of products shipped.

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  • boat-trailer-stock-photo-portrait

    Magic Tilt Increases Quality and Accountability With Tulip

    Read how Magic Tilt created a systematic way to hone in on quality errors and reduce the amount of rework needed to remake trailers or trailer parts.

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  • Customer-Photo-DMG-MORI-9

    DMG MORI Uses Tulip to Digitize Their Spindle Assembly Line

    See how DMG MORI uses Tulip to track defects and quickly determine the root cause of problems with “absolute certainty.”

    Watch the Video

Ensure quality at each step of production

Learn how you can reduce costs by incorporating streamlined quality control into your operations.

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