Tulip Work Instruction Apps

New Product Introduction

Shorten your time-to-production, design optimal production lines, and minimize shop floor downtime.

Get Everyone Up-to-Speed

Ensure your workforce is properly trained from day one for new workflows and tools.

Design Optimal Production Lines

Measure and analyze new processes on the shopfloor to identify and mitigate bottlenecks.

Minimize Mistakes

Remove common sources of errors like manual data entry.

Easily Introduce New Products

Tulip makes the process of introducing a new product less stressful for the whole team. Build apps that guide workflows, minimize mistakes, collect information for potential improvements, and flag issues.

Guide users as they learn new workflows with work instructions

Mistakes happen. Minimize them with clear guidance using powerful, easy-to-build work instruction apps. Add images, CAD drawings, videos, and more.

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Collect information to optimize the new production line

With Tulip, you can automatically collect information such as time needed to complete a task, defects, captured images, and more. Easily compare data using analytics features.

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Create manufacturing applications for your unique processes


Configure applications with Tulip’s App Builder

IoT Connected

Connect humans, machines, and sensors with shop floor IoT.

Real-Time Data

Track operator and machine performance for real-time visibility

Automatically track these KPIs across your shop floor

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Live Time Studies

Control cycle times for every operation on your line

Live Defect Reporting

Learn about common defects by user, day, or product

Track Progress Against Goals

Set production goals and share progress with the whole team

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