Machine Shop Collection

Configurable applications that work together to improve the performance of your machines and the people who use them.


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Digitize your machine shop operations with a powerful and extensible solution of apps

Machine Monitoring Terminal App

Machine Monitoring Terminal

Track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), measure Overall Process Effectiveness (OPE), and guide maintenance and turnover procedures.


Machine Operation App

Guide technicians as they setup machines, provide maintenance, perform changeover, troubleshoot, and report issues.

Machine Shop Terminal App

Machine Shop Terminal

Gain visibility of the entire shop, including: machine status, work orders by machine, defect counts, and downtime.

Tool Management App

Tool Management App

Monitor tool status and state, keep track of tool locations, manage tool calibration information, ensure maintenance is up to data, and track tool misuse, defects, and life cycle.

Faster improvement with Tulip’s no-code App Builder

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No Code Needed

Use our drag-and-drop platform to deploy your apps in no time.

Collect Analytics Automatically

Continuously track critical metrics from day one.

Fast Time to Value

Each app can function independently or alongside other bundled apps. 

Automatically track these KPIs across your shop floor

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Live Time Studies

Control cycle times for every operation on your line

Live Defect Reporting

Learn about common defects by user, day, or product

Track Progress Against Goals

Set production goals and share progress with the whole team

Accelerate your digital transformation

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