Tulip Work Instruction Apps

Machine Changeover

Maximize machine uptime by streamlining and continuously improving changeovers.

Streamline Processes

Simplify changeover procedures and minimize risks with clear, standardized guidance.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Collect actionable feedback to continually improve procedures.

Visualize Progress

See changeover progress and view which machines are online or down.

Change the way your team completes machine changeovers

Scrap paper documentation and build powerful digital workflow apps that guide users for faster changeovers, fewer mistakes, and lower risk of production-halting issues.

Tulip Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Machine Changeover App

Make changeovers as smooth as possible with clear guidance

Build multimedia work instructions that guide users through standardized changeover processes. Separate external setup from internal setup steps. Allow end-users to request help.

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Collect information to visual progress and optimize changeovers

Collect information such as changeover progress, time to complete a task, defects, captured images, and more. Visualize progress and which machines are available with dashboards.

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Tulip Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Machine Changeover App

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IoT Connected

Connect humans, machines, and sensors with shop floor IoT.

Real-Time Data

Track operator and machine performance for real-time visibility

Automatically track these KPIs across your shop floor

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Live Time Studies

Control cycle times for every operation on your line

Live Defect Reporting

Learn about common defects by user, day, or product

Track Progress Against Goals

Set production goals and share progress with the whole team

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