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Monitor Your Machines & Equipment With Digital Dashboards

Gain real-time visibility into machine states, value streams, and production facilities to identify, solve, and prevent downtime.

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Watch our on-demand demo video to see how Tulip can help you:
  • Measure OEE and other critical machine metrics

  • Monitor machine performance and reduce downtime proactively

  • Increase visibility by understanding who interacted with which machines

Trusted by manufacturers

Tulip is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes

Easily connect machine status to a centralized dashboard across available protocols.

Cover the entire data spectrum—from descriptive metrics, to diagnostics, predictive to prescriptive; use several data streams to take action.

Machine terminal application running on tablet

Get a snapshot of the health and status of your machines and tools.

Whether you need to measure and track the optimal conditions of ambient temperature and humidity or the usage of tools, you can combine machine data with human operations data to gain insights into OEE and OPE, and troubleshoot process issues.

Input required fields and use Tulip’s expression editor to track OEE over time.

With Tulip, it’s easy to calculate and track OEE metrics across your facilities. Manually input data and connect your machines to maximize visibility.

  • Quick start

    Reduce downtime while troubleshooting a machine after a stoppage.

  • Root cause analysis

    Identify points of failure more accurately and get to the bottom of machine issues.

  • Less scrap and rework

    Implement corrective measures efficiently as defects are identified in real-time during production.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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