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Use Apps To Seamlessly Connect Your Machines & Industrial IoT Devices

Integrate your machines, sensors, and smart tools with no-code applications to leverage industrial IoT on your shop floor.

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Watch our on-demand demo video to see how Tulip can help you:
  • Continuously improve your operations with real-time data

  • Track defect rates, operator performance, and machine metrics

  • Customize and share data with your teams and organization

Trusted by manufacturers

Tulip is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes

Everything that happens in your facilities is live.

Gain real-time visibility with apps that collect data from the people, machines, and sensors throughout your operations. Visualize your data on dashboards to inform decision making and drive continuous improvement.

Easily connect your network-based machines

Tulip’s no-code interface makes it easy to define machine attributes and integrate machine data into your processes.

Connect devices for augmented smart workstations.

Augment workstations with barcode scanners, calipers, and more, with easy drag-and-drop configuration.

  • Built for Frontline Operations

    Operations can be rough for hardware. Our edge devices have the durability, integrations, and configurability you need.

  • Aligned with Tulip’s platform

    Tulip edge devices are aligned with our platform. No difficult updates or software “outgrowing” your hardware.

  • Support for every environment

    All Tulip hardware is device and software agnostic. Connect the machines, devices, sensors that matter to you.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

Day-in-the-life of a manufacturing facility illustration