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Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing Illustration
Guide technicians with product-specific work instructions and capture their measurements seamlessly.

Large Molecule Manufacturing

Produce safe, effective therapies with streamlined compliance

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Guide operators, reduce mistakes, and automatically capture data with apps

  • End-to-End Traceability

    Improve quality and gain insights to develop consistent results

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Increase process control and optimize the use of clean rooms, custom equipment, etc.

  • Hands-Free Devices

    Provide the right information at the right time where hands aren’t readily available

  • Adhere to Compliance and Regulation Standards

    Paperwork limits the full potential of your operations. With Tulip, digital history records automatically track actions, making report-building simple and increasing your success to comply with regulations.

  • Simplify Quality Management

    Managing nonconformances, third parties, and CAPAs can be overwhelming for rigid QMS systems. Tulip integrations let customers connect their systems so everything can be managed from one place.

  • Reduce Batch Variance

    Unique raw materials and unstandardized work practices make it difficult to keep processes controlled. Tulip offers dashboards, checklists, and training in applications to eliminate batch-to-batch variability.

eBR screenshot

Streamline compliance with a right-the-first-time eBR and logbooks

Customize your electronic Batch Records (eBR) to mirror your processes exactly for a more intuitive application. Reduce transcription errors by connecting to scales, sensors, cameras, and more. Automate workflows and give you peace of mind with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant e-signatures and ALCOA+ data.

Stock Photo - Pharma Serialization - Barcode Scanner - Life Sciences - Genealogy and Traceability

Quickly respond to issues with traceability and genealogy

Compared to paper records, digital history records are searchable, give real-time feedback, increase operational efficiency, and improve quality management. Ensure all of your raw materials, batch numbers, operators, and equipment are controlled and registered with detailed history records.

Review and release batches faster with a better quality management

Manage all of your quality workflows from one place with Tulip. Gain insights from your data to ensure your product is high-quality and meets expectations.

Capa management
  • Prevent rework

    Guide operators to ensure all necessary data is captured and actions are performed right the first time.

  • Detect nonconformances

    Integrate quality checks in-line to ensure nonconformances are caught early

  • Shorten review times

    Release products faster with review-by-exception to focus on targeted areas in batch records

Life Sciences Dashboard Screen in Device

Make informed decisions with real-time data

Visualize your production data to gain insights and inform continuous improvement efforts. By tracking KPIs, you can measure progress towards goals such as increasing machine uptime, operational efficiency, and quality.

Screenshot of equipment logbook app used in pharmaceutical facility

Access best practice apps

Get started quickly with Tulip’s library of apps that give visibility and control into your operations. Manage equipment logbooks, history records, operator training, audit checklists and more from one place.

Quality Control Check Scientist Using Digital Tablet Computer and wearing Protective Suit walks through Manufacturing Laboratory

Case Study

Pharmaceutical company leveraged apps to reduce line changeover time from 14 days to 3.

See how digitizing SOPs for a complex equipment line changeover reduced errors and time to complete. As the operation progresses, applications automatically update and provide visibility on challenges and timelines.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

Day-in-the-life of a manufacturing facility illustration