Connect Industrial IoT

Interact with devices, sensors, and existing shopfloor equipment using our industrial IoT hardware.

Tulip Hardware

Choose from our two Industrial IoT hardware gateways to fit your production needs.

I/O Gateway

I/O Gateway

I/O Gateway is an industrial-strength IoT Gateway enabling applications where real-time inputs, outputs, analog measurements, and USB-compatible instrumentation are required. Simply connect existing buttons or sensors to the I/O Gateway and configure the I/O Gateway via the web with Tulip.

I/O Gateway >
USB Gateway

USB Gateway

USB Gateway enables applications where multiple USB-capable devices are required. Simply connect the devices to the USB Gateway and build intelligent work instructions, visualize incoming data, and control them with Tulip.

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Device Library

Connect your shopfloor apps with state of the art sensors, cameras, scanners, and devices of all sorts. Tulip certified devices just work, with support for 100s more.