Manufacturing Apps as Customizable as Your Products

Short product cycles and demand for customization make discrete manufacturing a challenge.

Discrete manufacturers face a number of challenges. High mix assemblies and demand for customization add complexity to already-complex processes. Short product life cycles mean margins for error are razor thin. Human error is still a leading cause of quality issues, and current paper based systems don’t provide the visibility needed to improve processes in real time. Further, federal regulations are unlikely to grow less onerous in the coming years, and manufacturers need a seamless way of showing product genealogy.

manufacturing assembly

Paper-based processes are inadequate for high-variability, low-volume production

Human error impacts quality and efficiency

Rapid new product introduction cycles

Low visibility into operations

Tulip Manufacturing Apps simplify even the most complex assemblies, eliminating errors and improving productivity.

Tulip is a no-code manufacturing app platform that enables manufacturing engineers to build apps that guide complex operations, eliminate human error, and collect real-time data. Tulip apps can help guide operators through complex assembly processes to enable high customization, leverage IoT to bring quality in-line, and increase the speed of new product introductions through faster training.

Interactive Work Instructions

Guide operators through complex assemblies and make sure they get it right the firs time.

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Electronics industry work instructions

IoT enabled quality and productivity

Leverage your connected tools, machines, and devices to reduce human error and increase first pass yield.

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Real-time data from people and machines

Measure and improve operator productivity through continuous time studies and increase your overall process effectiveness with integrated machine monitoring.

Learn about analytics with Tulip

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Case Studies

  • Jabil Case Study Banner

    60% fewer in quality issues within 4 Weeks

    Using Tulip apps to guide workers through high mix assemblies, Jabil saw a 60% decrease in manual-assembly quality issues.


  • Better data translated into increased efficiency across the line

    Nautique used Tulip to collect real-time data on from their operations and share it across their organization. Making the data readily available for everyone has resulted in more engagement from operators, which in turn has translated into increased productivity across the entire line.


Start your journey with ready to use App Templates.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

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