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Atteindre l'excellence opérationnelle dans la fabrication de produits de luxe

Après une année 2020 difficile, les ventes de produits de luxe devraient retrouver leur record d'avant la crise. Statista a déclaré qu'entre 2022-2027, le marché devrait croître de 28 % et que 70 % de ses ventes proviendront des milléniaux et de la génération Z.

Qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour l'industrie du luxe ? Avec les préoccupations croissantes concernant les changements environnementaux, les consommateurs rechercheront des entreprises axées sur la durabilité et s'adapteront à des solutions plus numériques pour livrer et communiquer pendant le processus d'achat.

Pendant des décennies, les fabricants de produits de luxe ont utilisé des outils traditionnels pour créer des produits de qualité et ont connu une croissance régulière. Mais, imaginez la croissance dont votre entreprise est capable en adoptant un flux de travail numérique, vous aidant à atteindre une excellence opérationnelle substantielle.

  • About the Event:

    Like many manufacturers, you might find yourself asking the following question: How can my organization roll out modern, digital-first, platform-based solutions that can also scale, flex, and adapt to our needs over time?

    Through demos, customer examples, and roundtable discussions, this virtual event will showcase Tulip’s Enterprise offering — which helps manufacturers accelerate digital transformation, deploy solutions, manage change, and ensure security across teams and facilities all over the world.

    This hour-long session will focus on five key themes: maturity, extensibility, adoption, continuous improvement, and governance.
  • What You Will Gain:

    Digital transformation leaders will learn how Tulip enables and accelerates digital transformation by taking a composable approach and empowering frontline workers.

    CIOs and IT teams will learn how Tulip addresses key technical concerns, such as integrating with existing systems, securing endpoints, governing teams of citizen developers, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

    Quality leaders will learn how Tulip’s Enterprise offering helps them scale existing processes and add new ones that help to maintain product quality, close gaps, streamline inventory tracking, and harmonize processes across sites.

  • What You Will See and Hear:

    • An inside look at Tulip Mission Control — where you can see how Tulip is being used to power frontline operations all over the world

    • A walkthrough of the Tulip Experience Center (TEC) in Budapest — highlighting integrations with shop-floor equipment, and how these systems can talk to each other at the TECs in Munich, Germany and Somerville, Massachusetts

    • Insights into how large organizations can balance citizen development at scale with oversight, access control, and best practices

    • An in-depth discussion on Tulip’s secure, open architecture and cloud-first approach

    • Demos of Tulip’s features and capabilities fit for enterprise companies, including Workspaces, Custom User Roles, version control, and central connector management

    • Customer stories of transforming operations at scale

Mock up of Tulip App - User Role

Built-in Governance and User Management:

Out-of-the-box features like custom user roles give manufacturers the ability to control access while empowering operators to get work done seamlessly.


  • Keynote

    Erik Mirandette, Chief Business Officer, will walk through the Tulip office and discuss our approach to empowering thousands of frontline workers across global facilities.

  • Tulip Experience Center: Budapest Walkthrough

    Adam Veres, Ecosystem Content Creator, will highlight some of the demos you can currently see at the Tulip Experience Center in our Budapest, Hungary office.

  • Product and Roadmap Overview

    What’s in the box? Pete Hartnett, Product Manager, will reveal the Tulip features and capabilities that enable governance and transformation at scale, including Workspaces, custom user roles, version control, and central connector management.

  • Fireside chat: CIO & CPO

    Mason Glidden, Head of Product & Engineering, will sit down with Tulip’s CIO Rony Kubat to talk shop on architectures, cloud, APIs, and more.

  • Customer Perspective: Tulip in Action

    You’ll see customer testimonials and on-site visits from Tulip customers like DMG Mori and Stanley Black & Decker — highlighting how Tulip is empowering manufacturers in a variety of industries to transform their production floors with connected digital solutions.

  • Insights: Managing Governance at Scale

    Jessica Yen, Head of Customer Success, will explain the Tulip approach to adoption and implementation, including the ways in which we empower manufacturers to govern citizen developers.

  • Partner Spotlight: McKinsey & Company

    McKinsey will discuss how no-code platforms and internal app libraries can help manufacturers scale fast and iterate quickly for a successful digital transformation.

  • Wrap-Up

    The journey doesn’t end here — learn where you can go to find out more about how Tulip can drive operations at scale for your organization.