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Product @ Tulip

Product at Tulip is focused on delivering value for our customers. Our agile and autonomous teams are made up of Product Managers and Designers, who work closely with Engineering and Quality to support the overall objectives of Tulip.

We plan closely together, make decisions together, and ship great work — from deploying new features to improving performance to implementing feedback from our customers.

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How Product Helps Tulip Succeed

  • Product

    Tulip's Product Managers work cross-functionally with our Product Designers and Engineers to create roadmaps and deliver new features. Product Operations is focused on analyzing where our customers are spending time within our product for data-driven decisions made by the rest of the team.

  • Ecosystem

    The Tulip Ecosystem is creating a movement of users and partners building and sharing content. Content includes connections to devices and systems, templates and add-on functionality in the form of components, widgets and plugins.

  • Product Education

    Tulip's Product Education team is training the next generation of manufacturing engineers to thrive in a digital-first manufacturing environment, whatever their processes and agnostic of background. Our goal is to teach Tulip to anyone who wants or needs to learn, at scale.

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"…Great energy, ownership, and a ‘Get Shit Done’ attitude — these are the intangible qualities in Tulip’s DNA that are special and give me great pride to be part of this awesome team."

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