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Tulip at MD&M 2023!

Join us to deep dive into the trends impacting manufacturing, good and bad, and learn the steps you can take today to better enable your frontline operations of tomorrow. In this event, experience:

  • An overview of the evolution of MES and what a next-gen platform approach actually looks like at scale

  • Why a human-centric focus is critical for boosting productivity – and winning and retaining talent

  • Live demonstrations of streamlined assembly and inspection workflows, built with connected devices, systems, and computer vision

  • A guidebook for implementing low-risk, high-value solutions to see value fast and replace outdated systems gradually – without disrupting production

tulip bench

Event takeaways include:

  • Steps you can begin to take to implement solutions to support your frontline

  • The benefits of composability and what composability looks like for manufacturing

  • Live demo workstation highlighting connected workflows for assembly and inspection, streamlined with connected devices, and systems,

  • Custom app-building based on your unique business needs