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Assembly Show 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that Tulip will be participating in Assembly Show 2021!

Come see us at Booth #2012

Each year The ASSEMBLY Show brings together thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest assembly technology equipment and products. During this event participants uncover new resources, evaluate the latest technologies and products, learn from industry experts and connect with experienced professionals.

Join us in Rosement, IL

  • Click here for online registration:
  • Select "New Registration"
  • Select "Attendee" and enter code: TULIPVIP
  • Enter your email address and select "Buyer / User" on the following page.
  • Complete registration.
  • Visit us in Booth #2012!
  • Explore interactive demos

    Gain inspiration from cloud-based apps that teams around the world use in mission-critical operations

  • Meet our team

    Tulip subject matter experts will be available to meet with you to discuss your operational challenges

  • Equipping the frontline

    Empower and engage frontline engineers, operators and technicians with easy-to-use digital solutions that bring meaningful context to your production data.

  • Open & connected

    Integrate data from any system, equipment or device both old and new for real-time analytics.

  • Adapts to you

    See how others have created apps for their workflow to create a composable ecosystem of apps and devices across an entire process.

Featured Speaker

  • Kimberly Andersson - Head of Design

    Designing for the Frontline Worker: Strategies for Creating Effective Manufacturing Operations Platforms

    Traditionally, user experience has been an afterthought when designing industrial operations software, with the frontline operator the last persona considered. But operator engagement is critical when it comes to adopting the new, often expensive software and technology solutions designed to solve problems and increase productivity on the factory floor.

  • Assembly Show Guided Tour

    Thursday, October 26, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

    Tulip will be a featured stop on the Manufacturing Software guided tour during Assembly Show as a leader in the digital transformation of assembly lines.