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  • The Platform group

    This team allows the user to create complex workflows with ease, and support the runtime environment that runs them. As the company scales, this team is building the tools for users from the smallest shop to the largest corporation to make Tulip their own.

  • The Insights group

    This team extracts insights from operation date by leveraging the use of advanced analytics, computer vision, and machine learning applications

  • The Growth group

    This team develops new features and tooling that act as value multipliers for our users, expanding the Tulip platform’s impact and influence globally.

  • The DevOps group

    This team is responsible for the development and operation of Tulip cloud services, internal tools, and systems.

  • The RIT group

    This team builds tools and infrastructure for engineers and non-engineers alike.

  • The Edge group

    This team designs the hardware that connects all our customers’ employees and machines to Tulip.

  • The Engineering Operations group

    This team provides support to our customers and ensures quality assurance within the product.

Headshot of Josh Richard

"Persisting together to get things done and doing it from a position of disadvantage is what I think about when I think of Tulip." - Josh Richard, Eco Team Lead

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