Factory Collection

Create manufacturing apps that digitize your existing shop floor processes.


Digitize your operations from raw inputs to finished goods with 6 types of apps.


Inventory Management

Add new inventory via operator input or barcode scan. Track all of it in a Table and see real-time inventory amounts. Receive SMS or Email alerts when inventory is low.


Work Order Management

Create and manage work orders. Automatically generate pick lists based on inventory available. Direct operators to next steps.


Operator Terminal

Display relevant work instructions for each work order. Automatically deduct parts from inventory based on Bill of Materials (BOM). Easily report defects and alert supervisors via email or SMS.


Supervisor Terminal

See real-time status of all work orders. Track average cycle time for each station and operator. Learn about common reasons for scrap or rework.


Machine Terminal

Track uptime/downtime for each individual machine. Discover common reasons for downtime.


Shop Floor Dashboard

Create and share an interactive dashboard with real-time metrics of your shop floor. Allow any operator or engineer to see key statistics for the past day, week, or month.

Faster improvement with Tulip’s no-code App Builder

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No Code Needed

Use our drag-and-drop platform to deploy your apps in no time.

Collect Analytics Automatically

Continuously track critical metrics from day one.

Fast Time to Value

Each app can function independently or alongside other bundled apps. 

Automatically track these KPIs across your shop floor

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Live Time Studies

Control cycle times for every operation on your line

Live Defect Reporting

Learn about common defects by user, day, or product

Track Progress Against Goals

Set production goals and share progress with the whole team

Accelerate your digital transformation

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