Facility Access

Improve your facilities management and employee communication as you reopen.

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Mobile Occupancy

Enable remote health and wellness screening before an employee comes on site. Manage communications between employee and the company about status or shift updates.


Facility Checkpoint

Manage entrances and exits to facilities based on remote screenings. This app also updates capacity numbers for the facilities and so the company can measure success with social distancing.


Staffing & Facilities Management

Shows the status of the facility and any alerts within the facility. Track arrivals and departures, number of people on site, percent of people on site, and percent of workforce that is available to work. Manage communications and set status/alerts for the employees to access on the mobile app.

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Real Time App Updates

Crucial updates reach employees and facilities immediately.

Automatically measure attendance and population density at your facilities

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Population Density

View the total number of people on site, % of workforce on site, and % of workforce available

Employee Wellness

Screen employees and provide suggestions before they come onsite

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