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Next-Gen Manufacturing: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

Keynote: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

During this keynote, Tulip CEO, Natan Linder, will discuss why enterprise manufacturers are embracing citizen development, the benefits of democratizing technology, turning frontline engineers into citizen developers and how it’s essential to future-proofing manufacturing operations.

Panel: Cultivating Citizen Developers at Scale

Large companies are leveraging online learning, no-code, and hackathons to empower their workforce to drive the digital transformation of their companies from the bottom-up. Access insights with speakers from Terex, Rich Brilliant Willing, and more! Learn how to empower engineers at scale with no-code application platforms.

Demo: Building Apps with a No-Code Platform

In this demonstration, we will showcase what is possible with Tulip’s configurable, no-code app platform and manufacturing app library.

Navigating the Digitalization Landscape

The digital landscape is vast and one that manufacturing engineers and managers are navigating without a lighthouse. Learn how engineers from Terex Corporation, Clear Process Solutions, and Sequence Inc. are navigating the digital landscape by automating administrative tasks and problem-solving with continuous improvements with no-code manufacturing apps.

Tulip: Building a Platform for Next-Gen Manufacturing

Times have changed. With the acceleration of growth, organizations can no longer rely on paper processes, manual data analysis or system integrators to drive their operations. Next-Gen manufacturing is here and Tulip is ready. You’ll hear directly from Saul Lustgarten, product management lead at Tulip, as he takes us on a journey of where Tulip has been, where we are now, and our vision for the future of how Next-Gen manufacturing can better serve our customers’ needs.

Groundbreaker Awards

Our inaugural Groundbreaker Award ceremony will spotlight* innovative engineers, technologists, and business leaders at the forefront of digital transformation and no code development in industrial operations. The ceremony will recognize all the nominees and announce the winners of the Golden Shovel, Golden Blueprint and Golden Bulb awards.

Long Live the Cloud

IoT connectivity and cloud computing give manufacturers the ability to record and analyze real-time data on their operations. This data opens the door for better root-cause analysis, quantitative problem-solving, and real-time continuous improvement.

During this session, we’ll discuss why cloud-enabled manufacturing is here to stay, why it is important for scaling technology, and how it is better for enterprise manufacturing.

The Future of eBR and eDHR: Manufacturing App Platforms

The coming year brings new opportunities and risks for the manufacturing industry — and the life sciences industries are not excluded from the shakeup. For Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturers, agility and the ability to shorten time-to-market will be critical for capitalizing on new market opportunities. This also means decreasing the effort and cost of validation for digital solutions.

In this conversation, Gilad Langer of Tulip and William O’Sullivan of Seabrook will discuss the requirements of a solution for eBR and eDHR, how Manufacturing App Platforms fit the bill, and answer customer questions about how it compares to MES.

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