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The Pendulum Stops: The Future of IIoT and Edge Connectivity

Over the last few decades, computing has swung between two points from centralized, secure, and structured to decentralized, free, and messy. Where does the pendulum stop? During this keynote, Rony Kubat, Tulip CTO, will discuss why companies are embracing the democratization of technology at the edge and what steps companies should follow when implementing machine connectivity, IIoT, and computer vision to improve frontline operations.

Thought Leadership Roundtable

What’s Next for Industrial Edge Computing

Computing at the edge has opened up a new set of complex applications that might revolutionize operations. We are at the cusp of smart cities, digital healthcare, and remote factories. But what are the principles that will get us there? Openness and standardization? Democratization and agility? Empowering the frontline worker? What technologies and human design strategies will this future build on?

In this roundtable discussion, hear from thought leaders at FIGUR8, Inc., World Economic Forum, Thinglogix, and Thingworx as they answer these questions and discuss what visions and guideposts academia, government, big tech, and startups will need to co-develop for this to be a positive future.

Customer Case Study

Unlocking Insights with Simple Sensors and Machine Learning at Autodesk Technology Center

Gaining insights into the performance of the operations is often complicated by the presence of analog and custom equipment. How can off-the-shelf sensors and machine learning connect machines and bring your data to the next level? Learn how Tulip is building and testing new capabilities of our next-generation edge device at the Boston Autodesk Technology Center.

Customer Roundtable

Improving Frontline Operations at the Edge

Production data is only as useful as the insights that it provides. Yet, collecting and analyzing the most meaningful data and having the agility to adjust to changes is not always simple. In this panel, companies from around the world will be discussing why they are democratizing their edge so that those closest to operations can setup, configure, and update connections to machines, devices, and cameras and how they are able to quickly and securely gain visibility into machine utilization, enable frontline workers and track production. Learn how companies are leveraging technologies to transform their frontline operations.


Democratizing the Edge to Improve Frontline Operations with Tulip

With Tulip’s configurable, open, and easy-to-implement edge connectivity, the possibilities for improving operations and frontline workflows are endless. With native machine monitoring, edge devices, computer vision, plug-and-play IIoT, machine learning, and wearables, it is easier than ever to gather data and put it to use in dashboards and workflows. See the latest edge technology from the Tulip team in action, including vision detectors, edge devices, wearables, and more.