Tulip Education

Digital manufacturing is best learned by doing. With Tulip Education, educators can teach timely skills through hands-on experience.

Teach advanced manufacturing without leaving the classroom.

Tulip Education comes with full access to the Tulip Platform.

  • Build and configure applications in the app developer
  • Connect your apps to IoT devices
  • Develop a skillset employers need

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Join a teaching and learning community.

Built for team work

Tulip is built for teams. Students can work individually or as a group, and you can see their progress in real time. Plus, students get access to our user community, where they can show their work and connect with manufacturing professionals.

Set up your class in minutes

Tulip Education includes access to Tulip University with curricula examples, sample exercises, and ready to use tutorials for your students.

Connect with other instructors

Share curricula and project ideas with educators using Tulip to teach advanced manufacturing. Connect with Tulip experts using the platform in real manufacturing environments around the world.

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