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Symcode MJ 400

The Symcode MJ 400 Wireless scanner contains an embedded high-performance processing chip, with high-speed decoding, and a high precision capability to read barcodes. This scanner is also equipped with NFC non-contact interactive technology to maximize functionality and durability. This scanner has a large area of scan and read window with a toughened scratch-resistant steel surface. It also supports sequential scanning and reading, thus saving time.


Photo of Symcode MJ 400 reader
  • Specifications

    • Colour Depth: 32 Bit
    • Scanning Light Source: Laser Light
    • Scan Element Type: CMOS
    • Optical Resolution: 1200*2400
    • Novelty: New
    • Scan Breadth: 5 to 30cm
    • Interface Type: Wired
    • Scan Speed: 150 times per second
    • Scan width: 5 to 30cm
    • Max Paper Size: 40cm

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