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Stanley QB Series Controllers

The Stanley QB Controller platform delivers industry-leading advanced process control, system configuration flexibility, ease of set-up options both on-screen and with embedded software utilities, and exceedingly high performance. From an error proofing system to an assembly line control system, STANLEY QB Controllers set the standard for all others in precision threaded fastening control.


Stanley QB Series Controllers
  • Specifications

    • Controls STANLEY Assembly Technologies tools to 2000 Nm
    • All controllers have an Ingress Protection rating of 54 (IP 54)
    • Connectivity options include 24V I/O, USB, Ethernet, Serial and Fieldbus
    • QBE Expert, Advanced and Standard controllers can be setup from the front panel or from a computer’s web browser using the Alpha Toolbox Ethernet connection
    • Alpha Toolbox, included in every QBE Controller, is used to program strategies, collect fastening cycle and trace data, and perform online diagnostics of the tool and controller

    This device uses the Torque OP driver in Tulip.

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