Insize 1108

The InSize Digital Caliper has two upper jaws to measure internal measurements and two lower jaws that are particularly useful for measuring external measurements for larger objects. The 1108 series calipers are INSIZE's introductory electronic calipers but have many high-quality features that give you accurate readings each time. These calipers are equipped with built-in auto-off and data output features that are built into the caliper’s electronics and are highly unusual for economy calipers.


Insize 1108 Caliper
  • Specifications

    • Resolution: 0005 inch
    • Automatic power off, move the digital unit to turn on the power
    • Battery Cr2032. Data output. Made of stainless steel
    • Electronic Caliper, 0-6″/0-150mm.

    This device uses the Digital Caliper Driver in Tulip.

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