Defond XPR-001

The Defond Proximity Sensor XPR-001 is a photoelectric diffuse reflective sensor with both the light emitting and light receiving elements in a single housing. Target object of this sensor is not limited to any specific material, as long as object’s reflected light can be detected. This sensor has the characteristics of stable performance, fast response, compact size, durable and protection level at IP67.


Defond Photoelectric Proximity Sensor XPR 001
  • Specifications

    • Sensing distance: 1 m
    • Sensing format: diffuse-reflective design
    • Voltage supply: DC12~24 +/- 10% ripple (P-P) 10%
    • Output: GPIO
    • Response time: action, reset: <1 ms each

    This device uses the Generic IO Driver in Tulip.

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