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Cognex DataMan 262

Dataman 262 Ultra High Definition (UHD) fixed-mount barcode reader is designed to read the smallest, well-marked 2-D direct part mark (DPM) codes. This all-in-one solution offers: 1. Advanced algorithms such as 2DMax with PowerGrid to decode ultra-small codes 2. Integrated lighting and optics in a compact footprint 3. Easy setup and operation


  • Specifications

    • 1D and Stacked Codes
    • Omnidirectional 1D Codes
    • 2D Codes
    • Algorithms: 1DMax, 2DMax, PowerGrid
    • Image Resolution: 752 x 480 Global shutter
    • Acquisition: 60 fps
    • Decode Rate: 45 decodes/second
    • Lens Options: 6.2 mm (3 position or liquid lens, 40..200 mm), 16 mm (manual focus or liquid lens, 80 mm .. 1 m)
    • Lighting: Modular/Field Configurable Lighting: Four Independently Controlled, High-power LEDs (Red, White, Blue, IR) Band-Pass Filters & Polarizing Filter Available
    • Communication: RS-232 and Ethernet Interface
    • Dimensions: Straight: 42.5 mm x 22 mm x 76.1 mm Right-Angle: 42.5 mm x 48.5 mm x 49.6 mm
    • Protection: IP-65

    This device uses the Cognex DataMan TCP Driver in Tulip.

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