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Brecknell Salter

Brecknell Salter-PS25

The Salter Brecknell electronic shipping scale boasts the accuracy and durability that make it an essential piece of equipment in an industrial setting. This 25lb scale is the model of choice for the shipping industry.


  • Specifications

    • Capacity (max loading): 25lb:5.2oz / 11.50kg / 11490g
    • Operation range: 0.1oz to 25lb:5.2oz , 0.01kg to 11.50kg, 10g to 11490g
    • Display with backlight: LCD display 0.6” high digits with blue LED backlight
    • Power requirement: AAA battery x 4, total 6VDC
    • Low battery warning: LO will be displayed when the battery drops to approximately 3.8 V
    • Resolution:
      • unit of measure: lb:oz Range: 0 ~ 2lb x 0.1oz and range 2 ~ 25lb:5.2oz x 0.2oz
      • unit of measure: kg Range: 0 ~ 1kg x 00.1kg and range 1 ~ 11.50kg x 0.02kg
      • unit of measure: g Range: 0 ~ 1000g x 5g and range 1000 ~ 11490g x 10g
    • Miscellaneous functions and features:
      • Automatic zero
      • Tare (max tare off weight is 1lb without reducing max capacity)
      • Auto shutoff in 120 seconds with load and 30 seconds without load. However, when the device is plugged through USB the Auto shut-off feature is disabled.
      • Overload indication “—-”
      • Unit switch: lb:oz / kg/ gram, toggle the key to select
      • ON/OFF switch: power on/off and tare function
      • Backlight LCD display
      • A flap on the scale is used to support large envelopes that will stand on end and hold long tubes.

    This device uses the Brecknell PS25 Scale Driver in Tulip.

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