Banner K50

The Banner K50 provides improved ways to install a pick-to-light system with industry standard Modbus RTU protocol for communication. It is rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install, providing solutions for error-proofing and parts-verification applications. All these attributes make this model a great choice for a pick-to-light.


  • Specifications

    • Supply Voltage and Current:
      • 12 V dc to 30 V dc (10% max. ripple)
      • < 75 mA max current at 12 V dc (exclusive of load)
      • < 40 mA max. current at 30 V dc (exclusive of load)
    • Supply Protection Circuitry:
      • Protected against transient voltages (fast-transient and over-voltage) and reverse polarity
    • Output Configuration:
      • 1 current NPN transistor or 1 current PNP transistor, depending on the model
    • Output Rating:
      • Max load: 150 mA
      • ON-state saturation voltage: < 2 V dc at 10 mA dc; < 2.5 V dc at 150 mA
      • OFF-state leakage current: < 10 µA at 30 V DC
    • Output Protection Circuitry
      • Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short circuit of the output
    • Output Response Time
      • 3 milliseconds ON and OFF
    • Power-Up Output Delay Time
      • 100 ms
    • CE Certified

    This device uses the Generic IO Driver in Tulip.

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