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AutomationDirect QMR8-0P-0F

The Micro Detector QM Photo sensor is Automation Direct's new photoelectric sensor. This IP67-rated sensor uses mini-rectangular photo eye sensors constructed with plastic housings. This model incorporates various photo sensing modes; diffuse, diffuse with background suppression, retroreflective, retroreflective for transparent objects, and through-beam styles. Thus, making this model a great choice for a photosensor in a manufacturing/production environment.


  • Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Adjustable (270º) Adjustable (4 turns) Adjustable (270º)
    • Output Type: Light-on or Dark-on
    • Operating Voltage: 10 – 30 VDC
    • No Load Supply Current Visible Red: 30mA, Infrared: 45mA
    • Operating (Load) Current: ≤100mA
    • Off-state (Leakage) Current: ≤10uA
    • Voltage Drop: 2V max @ 100mA
    • Switching Frequency: QMRBx, QMR8, QMI9 (1kHz) QMRx7 (2kHz) 1kHz 2kHz
    • Ripple: ≤10%
    • Time Delay Before Availability (tv): ≤100ms
    • Short-Circuit Protection: short circuit (auto reset), over voltage pulses
    • Operating Temperature -25 to 70 ºC (-13 to 158 ºF)
    • Thermal Drift -30 to 80 °C (-22 to 176 °F)
    • CE Certified

    This device uses the Generic IO Driver in Tulip.

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