Allen-Bradley 800Z-GL3

The 800z-gl3 zero-force touch buttons are built for use in two-handed machine control systems. These buttons are highly sensitive and will help your project run safely, swiftly and efficiently. The ergonomic design of the button accommodates users and further eases the experience. The button comes with safety features that only allow it to be activated by human hands as opposed the occasional bump.


  • Specifications

    • Input Voltage: 10-40V DC, 20-30V AC
    • On-Delay 76ms Max / Off-Delay 60ms Max
    • Operating Temperature:-25° C to 55° C
    • 30.5mm type 4/4X/13 IP66 Zero-Force Momentary general purpose touch button
    • 10-40V DC AND 20-30V AC Input
    • Relay Output – 6 ft. (1.8m) Cabled
    • CE Certified

    This device uses the Generic IO Driver in Tulip.

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