New Balance Digitally Reduces Defects

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“With Tulip, the data visualizations were live-updated, which allowed me to discover and respond to problems in real-time. It was effortless compared to the old method of using paper-based data collection, and next-day review. Moreover, real-time production insights could be viewed remotely which allowed quality engineers, and plant management to respond to problems when they arose which got me the help I needed without taking me away from the line.”
- Team Leader, NPI


Tulip teamed up with New Balance, leading global athletic apparel brand, producing hundreds of new product variations across multiple value streams. The customer used Tulip’s IoT enabled apps to combine machine and operator data making it easy to quickly identify and control key drivers of quality.


Quickly stabilizing new product lines means constantly assessing the impact of dozens of different quality drivers to isolate the root-cause of defects. Potential sources of defects spanned both manual and automated operations. It often took weeks of analysis before a process was considered validated and ready for production.


Paper-based quality control processes, and manual audits slowed the collection and analysis of production data. Paper-based forms are difficult to fill in, error-prone, and allowed for the collection of only a limited number of quality variables. Identifying and resolving product quality issues was both challenging and time intensive as form data had to be transcribed from paper to spreadsheets. The inability to quickly isolate quality drivers delayed product introduction.


Faster Time to Market


Reduction in Quality Defects

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